Water Wars: Chronicles


Water Wars: Chronicles is a 106 Page Prestige Format Graphic Novel with Chrome Enhanced Logo! The high quality master edition collects all six short stories from the Water Wars: 2288 Universe as visualized by master artist Erwin Arroza and writer Timothy Fling.

This impressive tome will delight you with inventive scenarios and weird characters. These collected adventures are highly recommended for fans of Richard Matheson, Isaac Asimov, and Harlan Ellison.

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Lost At Sea

A cataclysm, a beautiful survivor… and a secret.

Robot City Blues

Not even a lawless world can shake the heart of a righteous man.

Water Wars: CODEX

To know the Past… is to know the Future

The Hunchback (of Theological Quadrant 19)

The Sound of a Bell, Struck Three Times.

Natural Life

Dear Foster, by the time you read this letter, I will be packed up… and gone.

Engines of Carnage

Rise, my robot comrade, and fight for glory!

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