In this mind-bending episode, a stunned Timothy B. Fling accidentally reveals America’s weirdest comic magazine. Yep… it’s CALL OF THE CRYPTID! All print orders professionally fulfilled by Comix Wellspring.

Holden’s Eleven: Volume Twenty-One: Top Eleven Hottest Collectibles!


Holden’s Eleven is an entertainment channel dedicated to exploring all aspects of Geek Culture. If you love Comics, Music, Videogames, and Movies, you have found your new cave. We will specialize in promoting independent writers, artists, and musicians; if you have a passion project that you would like to share with the world, send me […]

CALL OF THE CRYPTID Kickstarter Launch Video!


In this one minute promo, Timothy harangues us once more about his comics. Yep, he is over shouting on Kickstarter about Aliens. Here is the new campaign, CALL OF THE CRYPTID. This book is awesome! I hope you enjoy this episode. We had a blast making it. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Thanks as […]

It’s Twelve Days of Cryptids…


Hello my friends, this is Timothy Fling; Writer, Musician, and Cryptid Enthusiast! One of the great thingsĀ about working in a creative field, I get to meet all kinds of artists…. and see some amazing works of art. Speaking of original art… As we prepare to launch our campaign, we will premiereĀ the TWELVE DAYS OF CRYPTIDS, […]

Twelve Days of Cryptids


During the lead up to our Kickstarter launch, our campaign will feature some of the hottest Cryptid based Original Art in the world today. Best of all, we will get to meet some of the creators! I was fortunate to get two of the best artists first! Tune in to learn more about them. 1) […]

Do you like UFOs, Aliens, and Monsters?


Hello my friends, this is Timothy Fling; Writer, Musician, and Occasional Monster Hunter! Here in Central Pennsylvania, Spring has landed, and the cherry trees are in bloom. Winter is over, and we are entering the season of growth and rebirth. A world of new beginnings lies before us… Speaking of new beginnings… My newest book, CALL […]

Holden’s Eleven – Special Broadcast – It’s the WATER WARS: 2288 – Volume IV – Unboxing Video!


In this special broadcast, I update our Kickstarter backers with a cool unboxing video, featuring the release of our independently published sci-fi comic book, WATER WARS: 2288- Volume IV. This Kickstarter campaign was professionally fulfilled by COMIX WELLSPRING, and the final products look fantastic. Nice job everybody! Please enjoy this special broadcast! Thank you for […]

Holden’s Eleven – Special Broadcast – It’s the EARTH DOG STUDIOS “State of the Union”!


In this Special Broadcast, we reveal the publishing progress made by Earth Dog Studios in the first quarter of 2023, including: You can order TALES FROM THE COLLECTIVE here: http://kck.st/3YMTC0g You can order PLANET COMICS 19 here: https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/FEB231143 You can order PLANET COMICS 20 here: https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/MAR231188 Thank you for listening in! I appreciate you. Timothy […]

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